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Let’s face the facts. In the gadget geek world, Apple’s iPhone has been killing it in the smartphone arena for the last five years. Although some balk at the almost yearly update to the hardware—considering the iPhone 4s just came out last fall—the schedule never seems to slow down folks from snatching up the devices with glee. The arrival of the new iPhone 5 was announced yesterday, and needless to say the Apple stans were drooling over the upgrades and possibilities that await as soon as they get one in their hands. 

Some are wondering what exactly the new details on the iPhone 5 are—besides the usual “it’s lighter and faster” talk, which it is.  Hip-Hop Wired is here to break down why you should, or should not, shell out dough to add yet another iPhone to your collection when it’s available worldwide, September 21st.

Check out the details in the gallery.



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