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People love to steal Drake’s music. With a vast catalog of club hits and emo-laced tracks, Internet pirates have lots of material to choose from, but “The Motto” seems to be their favorite.

According to, the very record that launched the YOLO revolution was downloaded 458,038 times  in the United States, over a six-month tracking period. The report released by Musicmetric notes that the U.S. is among the 20 most frequent file sharing countries in the world, with 96.6 million illegal downloads. Yet in Drizzy’s home country of Canada, Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne album was pirated 71, 132 times, beating him and all other artists on the list.

“Rap, Hip Hop and music in general has always been about being young and feeling young and kind of feeling a little rebellious and feeling like, ‘Let’s live to the fullest.’ That’s what music has always done for me. It has caused that energy to surge through me. I think that’s all Y.O.L.O. is,” Drake explained of why the song is so popular.

Luckily for him, even with the droves of people going online to jack their own copy of “The Motto,” the single has  still been certified double platinum by the RIAA.


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