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The Riverfront Brawl in Montgomery, Ala. was one of the most explosive moments to unfold this year, spawning several memes as the news of the so-called “Fade In The Water” event rippled through social media. Two men involved in the Riverfront Brawl were recently sentenced and one man saw his charges dismissed as another individual will appear in court on Monday (December 11).

Local outlet WSFA reports that Zachary Shipman and Alan Todd appeared in Montgomery Municipal Court last Friday (December 8) and pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of harassment after initially being charged with third-degree assault. Shipman and Todd were given suspended sentences of 60 days and 12 months of probation. Shipmen will serve out his sentence in Dallas County while Todd will do so in Baldwin County according to WSFA’s reporting.

Dameion Pickett, a co-captain of the Riverboat, also appeared in court but his third-degree assault charge was dismissed and he supported the plea agreements made by Shipman and Todd. One other suspect, Reggie Ray, will appear in court Monday to learn what his sentence will be.

The Riverfront Brawl was sparked after the Riverboat was attempting to dock in its usual spot this past August when a private boat was in the way. A dock worker removed a rope that kept the private boat stationary, sparking its passengers to assault the dock worker. An employee of the Riverboat hopped into the water, swam over, and helped to defend the worker along with other observers.

Photo: Ray Tan / Getty