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Squid Game on Netflix

Source: YOUNGKYU PARK / Courtesy of Netflix / Squid Game

Netflix is milking the Squid Game for all its worth.

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, Netflix is looking to bolster its Netflix Games library by turning the popular Hwang Dong-hyuk series Squid Game into an actual video game.

Netflix Games Vice President Mike Verdu made the announcement in a Netflix blog post revealing the game will take place in the universe of the series and will allow players to “compete with other players in games from the hit series.”

The video game announcement comes on the heels of the first successful season of Squid Game: the Challenge, a game show that shows one out of the 456 contestants walk away with a whopping  $4.56 million in prize money.

Despite social media calling the game show tone-deaf and accusing the streaming giant of not grasping the show’s message, a second season is on the way.

Verdu also announced in his post a slew of other games coming to the Netflix Games platform, and they include:

Netflix Games is slowly shaping into form.

Photo: YOUNGKYU PARK / Courtesy of Netflix / Squid Game