President Obama has made it clear time and time again, that while there is nothing wrong with being Muslim he does not belong to the faith. Even still a small but substantial number of registered voters believe that he’s Muslim, and apparently Madonna belongs to that group.

During a concert in Washington D.C. Sunday (Sept. 23) the pop legend decided to use the performance platform to encourage the audience to vote. ” “Y’all better vote for f-cking Obama, Okay? For better or for worse, all right?”

In theory, her support of the president is not a bad thing, but her next statement was simply untrue. “We have a Black Muslim in the White House. Now that is some amazing sh-t, that means there is hope for this country.”

Proving that her dedication is skin deep, during the performance Madonna also reportedly took of her shirt revealing a black bra and the word “Obama” stenciled on her back.

If the president is re-elected for a second term, the 54-year-old promised to take it all off, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Click below to see how Madonna has the president’s back.


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