December 4 marks a new day in Atlanta with some of the biggest names in southern hip-hop officially deciding to settle their differences.

Young Jeezy has officially announced his decision to end his ongoing beef with DJ Drama and Gucci Mane. Avid fans of the snowman can trace his feud with Gucci back to 2005 when an associate of Jeezy’s turned up dead after a botched robbery attempt at Gucci Mane. Jeezy’s feud with DJ Drama however extends to 2008 when the mixer released a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Gucci thus making him a traitor.

Now in a historic moment, Mr. CTE has decided to put all that to the side and reconcile with his former associates.

In a historic moment he appeared Thursday as a guest on DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz radio show on Hot 107.9. Speaking on his decision to let bygones be bygones he said,

“You know nobody can ever change this history we made, we made classics and besides that, we opened up a lane for a lot of these young cats to come into the game. I seen more trappin’ in in the industry now than I ever seen. I know we had a lot to do with this….I just want everyone to know, just by me and you sitting here talking, that’s what men do. Now it’s back to the money, it’s back to the business.”

The interview took an even more dramatic spin however when Mr. Thanksgiving surprised Jizzle with a phone call from Gucci Mane. Although behind bars, Gucci sounded in good spirits as he told his former “So Icey” collaborator that the drama was over saying,

“I’d just like to say, it’s way bigger than all of us. I feel like the way the city’s been supporting all three of us, they deserve this. It’s about that time man. We’re getting older, growing, so let’s do it for the city.”

Listen to the audio of Jeezy making amends with DJ Drama and Gucci Mane below.

Props to DJ Drama and Hot 107.9 for reuniting Atlanta…Let’s all hope they can stay on good terms when Gucci gets out.

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