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6ix9ine’s off the wall antics are continuing to catch up to him on the legal side of things as the rapper’s assets are now on the chopping block in order to pay off a court ordered settlement that he brought upon himself.

According to TMZ, the platinum selling rapper turned infamous snitch is having his Rolls-Royce, mansion in Florida and anything else that isn’t nailed to the floor taken away from him and sold. 6ix9ine has to satisfy a $9.825 million judgement brought to him by a stripper, who claimed he hit her in the head with a champagne bottle. Dancer Alexis Salaberrios sued 6ix9ine two years ago for the incident and was finally awarded the money in July. To date, she hasn’t seen a single dime hit her bank account.

Knowing that she needed some help to get her coin, Salaberrios asked the court to intervene. And intervene they did after she asked a judge to appoint a receiver to liquidate 6ix9ine’s assets and get the ball rolling.

TMZ reports:

The receiver has lots of power– allowed to “break any locks necessary to gain access to any real property.”

TMZ broke the story, Tekashi was sued by Alexis in 2021 after allegedly hitting her in the head inside Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami. Her attorney told us he tried hitting someone else for calling him a rat, but he missed and clocked Alexis instead.