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X App And Elon Musk Account Photo Illustration

Source: NurPhoto / Getty / X / Twitter

Elon Musk’s struggling social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, suffered another blackout, and he has nothing to say.

Spotted on Deadline, the sinking ship we all used to love suffered a major blackout on Wednesday night, just before 10 pm PT, according to Downdetector.

Users were greeted by a dormant site with no feeds or posts working and a ‘Welcome To X” greeting with a “Let’s Go” action button that took them nowhere, according to Deadline.

But, at the time of the blackout, #MyTwitter, #NotTwitter, Did Elon, and #TwitterDown were all trending, hilariously.

X began working again around 11 pm PT, but no explanation was provided by the social platform or its owner, who is usually very active regarding his platform.

If you search his timeline, the only thing you will see referencing X is him sharing a quote in a post claiming that “X/Twitter site traffic up 22.3% Year over Year from November 2022-2023,” with him writing in the caption “Growth is strong.”

A Breakdown of Elon Musk’s Fumbling

X has been dying slowly since Elon Musk reluctantly purchased it for $44 billion. Since then, he has put on a masterclass showing everyone how to ruin a company and lose billions successfully.

He stupidly changed the name from Twitter to X, with many still calling it Twitter. He’s seemingly cosigned an antisemitic conspiracy theory on X, leading to companies pulling advertising dollars from the platform.

Musk double-downed on his stubbornness by taking a dig at those advertisers, leading to IBM to say we are good with advertising on X.

In another head-scratching decision, Phony Stark reinstated far-right Hulk Hogan, Alex Jones’ account. 

We have no idea how much longer this platform will continue to function, y’all better start getting those Instagram Threads and TikTok accounts popping as soon as possible.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty