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Young Guru

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Dame Dash is still talking Roc-A-Fella and not everyone agrees with his history of things. Young Guru has refuted his claims that Jay-Z stole songs from his artists.

XXL Magazine is reporting that the acclaimed engineer has spoken out against his at one time label CEO. Recently Dame Dash was a guest on Ray Daniels’ The Gauds Show podcast. While the former Cake-A-Holic discussed a variety of topics relating to his career and current ventures, the subject of Jay-Z being an alleged opportunist. “Jay has a record of getting on a record after it gets hot and now he can perform that record and now it sounds like he made that record. But it already was hot. That was a model he did” Dame said.

Dash would also go on to say that Jay-Z stole some of his biggest songs. “Ja Rule’s record ‘Can I Get A…,’ that was Ja Rule’s record. ‘I’m a hustler, baby!’ [‘I Just Wanna Love U’], that was [Omillio] Sparks’ record” he added. “That’s the only reason why Sparks is on there, ’cause it was his record. So he does this thing where he says it’s your record, I’ll jump on and now it’s my record. It’s almost extortion.”

The clip soon went viral and Young Guru corrected Dame Dash on Twitter. “CAP on this narrative that jay STEALS songs” he wrote. Guru would explain how both records came to be saying “I Just Wanna Love U” was given to HOV directly by Pharrell Williams and that Irv Gotti gave Jay-Z “Can I Get A…”.

You can watch Dame Dash’s full interview with Ray Daniels below.