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For Manhattan high school guidance counselor Tiffany Webb, a series of photos of the educator clad in bikinis has resulted in the end of her 12-year career with New York’s Department of Education (DOE), reports the New York Post. Although the photos were reportedly taken well before Webb began her job with the city in 1999, DOE officials were unforgiving in giving her the boot from Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers. Webb is fighting the termination and is focused on getting her job back with the city.

Webb, who was candid about her modeling before working in the school system, took the photos when she was between the ages of 18-20 – years before she started working for DOE at the age of 25. Now 37, Webb was just days away from achieving tenure in her position when was dismissed for improper conduct last December.

A student showed ex-principal Andrea Lewis a photo of Webb, which prompted the firing. Worried that students would locate Webb’s past work online would hinder her responsibilities as a counselor, she was voted out by a committee 2-1. The committee member who voted in favor of Webb stated, “Her professional work as a guidance counselor has been outstanding, and she should not be punished for something that happened years ago.”

After a quick search on the Interwebs, however, it appears that the counselor was also known as Tiffani Webb and was talking about modeling as recently as 2008. Writing for The Black Urban Times, she did admit that she was finished with modeling work and wanted to serve as a role model for young women who aspired to enter the profession. Webb is also the host of YouTube talk show series “Girl Talk NYC.”

Webb has since changed her name and is currently working as a teacher in the New Jersey school system. Even with the scandal hanging over her, Webb wants to return to New York.

“I am a dedicated professional and enjoyed being a guidance counselor,” she said to the Post. “I did my job well, and my students and parents thought very highly of me. I would love to return to the DOE and resume the career I have chosen to help and guide students.”

Check out photos of Tiffany Webb (sometimes referred to as Tiffani Webb) in the gallery.

Is the DOE out of line for firing Tiffany Webb? If your child went to the school she worked, would you be worried? Sound off in the comments!


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