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Young Jeezy dropped by the Big Boy’s Nieghboorhood on Power 106 in LA and of course the topic of conversation included his now infamous altercation with Rick Ross backstage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Mr. 17.5 revealed his side of the event and also commented on shots Gucci Mane recently sent his way, and responded with some vitriol of his own.

“At the end of the day I refuse to be a part of this WWF propaganda and b.s. to sell records,” said Jeezy, after bigging up the BET Hip Hop Awards and alluding to Rozay being an “actor.” “If that’s who you want to be…you want to be a tough guy, you be that. I’m a boss. I’m a G.”

Jeezy then assured Big Boy that no one put their hands on him during the confrontation. When asked about Gucci La Flare’s recent shots on The Breakfast Club, Jeezy let off some blasts of his own. “Ya know, everybody know that boy retarded, man,” said Jeezy. “Nobody taking that boy seriously, man. He got an ice cream cone on his face. Let’s be for real.”

In other news, after Jeezy dropped a new single called “Get Right” last night, Bleu Davinci has responded in kind with a dis record.

Watch the rest of Jeezy’s interview with Big Boy below.


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