Another day, another struggle-laced failed attempt at breaking the law, and this one is more embarrassing than usual. A Brooklyn man made the mistake of underestimating the workers at a local 7-Eleven store when he tried to jack them for their goods. The video, shot by a quick-thinking citizen in the store, located in the borough’s Flatbush neighborhood, shows the criminal getting pulled in every direction by two (and then three) employees while screaming:“I don’t have nothing though!”

Like a fish out of water, the suspect flails his hands, twists and turns his body, and tries his hardest to break free while under the never-ending grip of the group who clearly came to kick a little a–. As if the footage wasn’t hilarious enough, things take a more awkward turn, when the men begin to pull at the suspect’s clothes, stripping  him down to his underwear and revealing his incredibly ashy knees, just before biting him on the back. Once completely pressed up against the store’s door, with his plaid boxers on display, and his pants around his ankles, the man continues with his cries saying that he has no more stolen merchandise in his possession— but it’s too little to late.

One worker uses his own body as a barrier between the man and the door, making it virtually impossible for the criminal to break free. By this time a crowd has gathered to laugh and heckle the defeated man who looks like he’s re-thinking the decision to try and get his hands on the box of candy he took…and probably a free Slurpee.

Peep the more than three minutes of sheer comedy below, and trust us when we say that this sh-t will surely make your day.


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Photo: YouTube

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