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We’ll say it again and again, Polo Ralph Lauren is the most Hip-Hop clothing brand, even if it was never even intended for Hip-Hop heads. Bloomberg TV’s Game Changers program will be profiling Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz, tonight (October 25th) at 9:30PM and the episode will take an in depth look at the ridiculously successful designer’s brand and come up.

“Wherever you go, Ralph Lauren’s brands project an aura of rarefied living,” says the narrator in the preview clip below. Interviews with notables like John Varvatos, Polo Ralph Lauren Vice-Chairman Peter Strom and WWD‘s James Fallon will detail the lore and legend behind Mr. Lauren, whose net worth is reportedly $7.5 billion.

But wait up, can we get some opinions from Lo Life legends Thirstin Howl the 3rd or Rack Lo? Maybe Taz Arnold or even our sometime contributor and Lo Lifestyle advocate Dallas Penn? Just saying.

Check out a preview of Ralph Lauren’s Game Changers profile below.


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Photo: Bloomberg