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 “Ahahahahahahhaahahahhahaha!  Lmaooooooooooo.  So now I was a d*ked an dated remy ma n made a vid dressed as a boy?!?!?!?  Lmaooooo U ppl r simple.”

Recently a  video surfaced of a woman that was allegedly Nicki Minaj stating that she had sexual relations with Remy Ma back in the day.  Minaj quickly laid waste to such rumors. 

So, which part exactly is she so offended by?

As the official first lady of the Young Money brand, Nicki Minaj has her hands full, along with the rest of the roster as they have to deal with their leader going behind bars. 

With so much buzz, without a debut album from one member, aside from Tyga, the rap group must find a way to fend for their own without Wayne directly behind them.

Being the lone standing female rapper in Hip Hop, in relation to relevance, as well as Young Money, Minaj will have to carry the torch whether it was in her initial blueprint or not.

Before officially signing with Lil Wayne, few would have known that she wasn’t riding with him anyway as the two collaborated on various mixtape tracks.  The two clearly were able to develop a sibling bond through their interactions.

While at the Jingle Jam in Connecticut, Nicki spoke with Hot 93.7 and gave details on Lil Wayne’s incarceration.

“I just know that he’s going to go in February.  [I’m going to visit] as often as I can.  He’s going to be in New York and I’m from New York.  I would love to come up there as often as I can.” 

She added that his carefree attitude will make it so his time will fly by even faster and that he will be surrounded by those that care about him.

“He’s gonna have so many people there.  I’m sure it will go by like days to him.  It will probably be a weird experience, but at the end of the day, he’s gonna come out stronger like he always does.  Nothing ever phases him really, which I guess is the story of a champion.”

Reflecting on her own personal relationship with Wayne, she stated that the rapper made sure that she had whatever she needed out her business deal, which included owning her publishing and merchandise. 

As the jail cell continues to come closer to Wayne, time will dictate the fate of the Young Money roster and the up and comers waiting for their chance to blow into the mainstream.