Mainstream cats caught their first whiff of King L. when Kanye West shouted him out in the remix for Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” (“Chief Keef, King Louie, this the Chi, right? Right?!”), but he’s held down the streets for a while.

In a modern day renaissance for Chicago Hip-Hop, King L has been at the forefront of the movement by releasing mixtapes such as Boss S**t, Band Up, Hard Body, More Boss Isht and Chiraq Drillinois. He’s gained massive notoriety once he landed on Andrew Barber’s Chicago Hip-Hop driven website, FakeShoreDrive. 

Signing a management deal with Kanye West’s former manager, John Monopoly, King L’s struck fire with his single “Val Venis” and the latest effort “My H**s They Do Drugs,” featuring Pusha T and Juicy J.

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