Hip-Hop Wired: What can we expect from your major label debut album?

King L: It’s going to be something different man. It’s going to be Chicago, that new s**t, you know. It’s all about the realness and I put out real music, man.

Hip-Hop Wired: “Val Venis” did a lot for you as far as visibility on a national scale. Describe exactly what Val’ing is, because I don’t think a lot of people know exactly what it is.

King L: If you watch wrestling or whatever, Val Venis used to always have all the b***hes, you know? He used to be on some straight pimp s**t, he used to do the dance when he came out and stuff. It’s just like being silly but at the same time he had the h**s, you know so for me it went hand in hand.

Hip-Hop Wired:  What can you tell us about the possible collaboration project that you are working on with Lil Durk?

King L: We are working on it, we already are about 3 to 4 songs in. It’s called Project X and we just figured, “why not?” we both going hard. We just link up and s**t, we are both from Chicago know what I’m saying? I could bring my audience to his, and his to mine. It’s a slick move, it shows motherf***ers that we are working together.

Hip-Hop Wired: If you can describe your sound to somebody who has never heard you before, how would you describe it?

King L: Gumbo. It’s a mixture man, lots of good stuff. If you listen to all of my old songs, none of them sound the same. I like listening to all types of music. If I like it, I’ll try making the same type of music. I don’t care if it’s pop, jazz, know what I’m saying? Anything like that. If I can write to it then I’ll rock with it so it’s like gumbo.


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