“Bandz A Make Her Dance” – Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

“Juicy reached out to me and said he was ready to work. I told him I was working on my mixtape [Established In 1989]. The first song we did was a record called “Cash.” That record ended up being dope. It stood out on my mixtape. The second song was “Bandz.” I switched up the snare like eight times on that beat. I was trying to find the cheesiest snare I had to make MFs be like, ‘Yo, why would Mike Will use this snare?’ It’s definitely different. A lot of people aren’t trendsetters. I feel like that’s my job to bring new music, new sounds and variations. With “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” I felt like it was genius of me to say stop on how many sounds were in that beat and at the same time put that big snare in there. [Juicy] told me he recorded “Bandz” in his girl’s kitchen. I was like, ‘You recorded over my beat in someone’s kitchen?’ I told him, ‘Send it over to me.’ When I heard it, I was like this sh#t is a smash. He leaked it out on the internet and the song just grew organically. Before the label even knew about it, it was already on the Billboard charts.”

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