“Plain Jane (Remix)” – Gucci Mane ft. Rocko & T.I.

“I didn’t really want that beat to do too much. The beat is really one level then it filters out and comes right back to that level. It’s not too many sounds on it. It sounds like a f-cking machine. I brought it to Gucci. He was doing that flow outside the booth [Starts to rap beginning of Gucci Mane’s verse]. He went in the booth and started doing something different. I was like ‘No, you gotta use that same flow you were using out here.’ He was just freestyling over the whole beat. He ended up doing that flow in the middle of the beat.

I brought it back to the beginning to make it the first verse. He came up with that hook and a second verse. While we were in the studio Rocko hit me up about some beats. Gucci got on the phone with him and told him to come to the studio and Rocko killed his verse. Then Tip and Gucci locked in and he hopped on it. We shot the video and it did what it did.”


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