“Turn On The Lights” – Future

“I shopped that beat to plenty of R&B artists and writers. It wasn’t the traditional R&B track. One thing I knew about Future is he’s real unorthodox. We think pretty much the same when it comes to daring to be different. We already told each other we were going to take the streets over first, and once he got the deal we were going to take it to the next level. I always knew he had it in him especially coming from the Dungeon Family.

As soon as he got the deal we did “Neva End” and “Turn On The Lights” in the same night. We were working on “Turn On The Lights” and vibing back on forth. I remember we were doing the four bars and going into the chorus when he would start singing. At first he was trying to rap it and I was like, ‘Nah bro you have to sing that.’ He was like, ‘What you trying to turn me into an R&B nicca?’ I was like, ‘Whatever works.’ He did it and he nailed it. That sh-t sounds crazy as hell.”

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