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So many new rappers, how can you possible keep track of them all? Hip-Hop Wired will help vet who is worthy of your CD collection hard drive space with our “Certified Fresh” featurettes. Every week or so we’ll speak to and provide some insight on a Hip-Hop artist that displays the skills and potential to be that next big time rapper. For our first, we caught up with rising Harlem rapper, Vinny Cha$e.

Who: Vinny Cha$e is a stylish master of ceremonies from Harlem, New York who is the leader of the Cheer$ Club. He’s dropping his new mixtape, The Golden Army, on November 15th.

Fun Fact: Vinny Cha$e got his start in the rap game as the official videographer for Juelz Santana and the Diplomats. In the era before blogs took over the net, Cha$e behind the scenes acumen had him document one of the hottest groups’s in Hip-Hop history’s greatest era. “I was around Juelz when he was young and really getting it so I know exactly how to achieve that type of success,” says the Harlemite. “I came up with him before I was doing music so I saw what a successful lifestyle can be.”

He personally shot for the likes of Lil Wayne, Juelz, Cam’ron, Chris Brown and other major hip hop acts. Before the glamour of that job however, Vinny’s first job was working at his mother’s healthcare company. “Imagine me, I was doing accounting and s**t,” Cha$e says. “Once in a while I had to go to old people’s crib and pick up papers and stuff. It’s hard to imagine me doing that now, but that’s what I did. [laughs].”



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