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No matter your stance on the issue of gay marriage, no person’s right to peace should ever be violated, or at least that is what someone should have told several people at Queens, New York Nightclub.

Tarlach MacNiallais was brutally assaulted by several bouncers while having fun at local watering hole, Guadalajara De Noche, during the wee hours of the morning.

Bouncers at the club kicked and punched MacNiallais, 47,  before bashing the unfortunate man in the head with a nearby chair after seeing him dance with another man on the premises.

One of the bouncers even yelled “this is not a gay bar” before commencing the attack.

NYPD is investigating this attack as a hate crime.

MacNiallais is the spokesperson for the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization, a group created to ensure that homosexuals are included in St. Patrick’s Day festivities.