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As reported yesterday, a 911 call was made at 7:00 am from a St. Louis mansion reporting a burglary. This call was made from the one and only St. Louis native rapper Nelly’s mansion. According to new police reports, one of the men inside the home confronted the intruder who fled with a duffel bag full of electronics, video games other items belonging to Nelly. The Police have also gone to say:

“The man fled in a black GMC Yukon and witnesses reported seeing a vehicle matching the description in the area a short time later.”

It has been reported that Nelly was not at home during the robbery and is in Atlanta this weekend at Lenox Mall. Fans that make purchases more than $75 of stuff at the Macy’s located in Lenox Mall, are eligible to meet the rapper/actor as well as receive an autograph.

As far as the robbery, no other information has been released and the burglar is still loose. Out of all the things a rich celebrity would have in his house, you steal electronics and video games? Sounds like the culprit could be a Geek Squad worker.