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Since the untimely death of rapper Proof the camp of Shady has been somewhat quiet outside of the group compilation Eminem Presents: The Re-Up.

As it pertains to solo careers, nothing has seemed to flourish and artists such as Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo have decided to pursue their careers on the solo tip.

Detroit rapper Obie Trice is an artist that came up through the ranks when he first appeared on D12’s Devil’s Night and The Eminem Show.

Now without Eminem behind him, the rapper returns for the third time with the release of Special Reserve, the first album since the Shady split which picks up pieces from the past and uses the production of Moss to tell his story in 2009.

During an interview with HipHopWired, the rapper spoke on the upcoming release dropping Tuesday and digging back into his past.    

“Special reserve is an album that we created back in the late 90s, it’s like a lost tapes record.  This is the record that got me signed to Shady Records.  Me and Mark go way back, we were in a group called Trife Life.  I used to go up there where they went to school at and hang out, like get away from the city and get my mind right, have fun and Shyte like that.” 

“The crazy part, Mark had crates and a beat machine and it was extra dope in that aspect.  I used to love going up there and Fawk with them and record for weeks and this is some of the music that actually put me on.”

“It’s a lost tapes record, that’s why it’s called Special Reserves., some of the things that I have done in the past.”

With the aspect of dropping a lost tapes record, Trice adds that some artists would back out from dropping their early releases in today’s world as they may have changed drastically since the material from their past, but he feels that good music shouldn’t be held back.

“Special Reserve is just what I was feeling at the moment back then…When you think about seombody having old records you don’t ever want to let that music out like that.  I’m pretty sure there’s artist who got music that they don’t want to let out, their mind state is different today.  It’s the older them, but at the same token, I heard the music, a few of the songs, and I feel like it’s dope.”

In regards to finishing the trilogy, Obie adds that Bottoms Up is still on the way.

“Bottom up coming 2010, maybe early, mid 1010.  Bottoms up is completed, it’s done.”

As the game has continued to shed its skin and change, Obie gives some commentary on the difference between then and now in music. 

“I just think that it’s becoming more commercial.  I think that it’s becoming wide open [with] the downloads and piracy.  It’s like people don’t really appreciate the fact of going to get a record at the store and really appreciating the music like that.  Those are the things that I appreciated.  It’s just different now man.  I respect the game though, the game is the game.”

As his name entails, rapper Obie Trice is real name, no gimmicks and he has only brought what he feels is the best material to present.  Already two albums down and being helmed as the top selling artist under the camp of Shady, the rapper has yet to fail. 

Three years have passed since Second Rounds On Me, so let’s see how the third shot hits.