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An elementary school teacher in Milwaukee is being charged with disorderly conduct after cutting off one of her student’s braids in class. The student, 7-year-old Lamaya Cammon, says her teacher cut off one of her braids, which are adorned with beads, because she was playing with it.

According to the little girl, the teacher lured her to her desk with candy before reaching for scissors and cutting off a lock of hair.

Lamaya’s mother, Helen Cunningham, was furious and told WISN Milwaukee that when she confronted the teacher, their response was:

“’Well, I do apologize but I was frustrated.”

The Milwaukee Public School District said it is going through the disciplinary process with the teacher, who remains in class, although Cammon has been moved to a different classroom by the principal.

So far the educator has only been fined $175 for the incident.

Check the video below from WISN Milwaukee

I’m sorry but a simple “sorry” doesn’t cut it, no pun intended.

If that were me, and my momma found out a teacher cut my hair…….ohhh lord.