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It’s been a rough year for Tim Tebow. This time last year he was America’s Sweetheart. 

The quarterback who was built like an ox but with the accuracy of a drunken dart tosser was inexplicably leading his Denver Broncos to victories over the league’s top teams. He even threw a rare walk-off touchdown pass in the playoffs to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers last year and end their season.

My how have things changed. Tim Tebow has now become the backup to Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets, who sucks harder than a Hoover. Tebow’s been on the field less than the ballboys, and frankly, he deserves better. Don’t worry Tim, Hip-Hop’s got love for you.

Check out 15 (get it, 15, cause that’s his number) rappers who paid homage to Jehovah’s Quarterback .

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