In the wake of Cam Newton‘s Super Bowl 50 loss, former Denver Broncos player Bill Romanowski took it as a moment to insult the Carolina Panthers quarterback. In a now-deleted tweet, Romanowski called Newton a boy and actually had the nerve to check him about his attitude.


All Cam Newton wanted to do is raise the bar in professional athlete fashion, but Twitter won’t let him flourish. The $850 Versace zebra-print pants that Newton rocked over the weekend with a snazzy pair of shoes (and ashy ankles) isn’t going over well.

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Around the 2-minute mark in the above video, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton responds to a question of why he’s become such a point of contention among reporters and sports fans. Unabashed and fearless, Newton said what white America and football fans probably didn’t expect to hear.


Former Bronco’s linebacker Adrian Robinson died in Philadelphia from an apparent suicide Saturday (May 16). He was 25.

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Just because the annual Black Monday in the NFL has already passed, doesn’t mean all coaches are in the clear just yet.


Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has been suspended four games by the NFL for amphetamine use. Adding to Welker’s rowing of the struggle boat is claims he used Molly cut with amphetamines during his head-turning time at the Kentucky Derby earlier this May.

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Now that Super Bowl XLVIII has concluded, the Seattle Seahawks are world champions and the Denver Broncos were on the losing end of a 43-8 trouncing. The tweets and memes are flying in as expected, but none funnier than the ones inspired by a shot of Peyton Manning on a phone early in the game […]

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It doesn’t matter if you’re not a huge football fan or not, as you’re more than likely going to tune in to Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. 


NFL fandom is a passionate tradition but nobody hopes that repping for the home team will ever resort to violence.

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It’s been a rough year for Tim Tebow. This time last year he was America’s Sweetheart. 


One day after the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning as their new starting quarterback, The Denver Broncos have traded Quarterback Tim Tebow to the Jets for a fourth-round draft pick. Tebow’s abrupt trade ends one of the most fascinating runs of any athlete in any team in recent memory. Drafted in 2010 as a “gamer” […]