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Now that Super Bowl XLVIII has concluded, the Seattle Seahawks are world champions and the Denver Broncos were on the losing end of a 43-8 trouncing. The tweets and memes are flying in as expected, but none funnier than the ones inspired by a shot of Peyton Manning on a phone early in the game which spawned comic gold.

In the first quarter, a shot of Manning on the phone with an unknown person assumed to be his offensive coordinator started to circulate around the Internets. Before long, the look of despair and the widening score of the game prompted Twitter to go in on Manning’s struggle face. As usual, the good tweets and memes kept getting repeated or rehashed but we’ve manged to snag some good ones in the end.

Check out the Top Hilarious Peyton Manning Super Bowl Struggle Memes after the jump.

Photos: Twitter, FOX

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