The battle for the NFC West division just got even more interesting. Marshawn Lynch has resigned with his former team.


Russell Wilson continues to win big on and off the field, and now wields the richest contract in NFL history. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback signed a four-year, $140 million contract extension with a $65 million signing bonus.

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Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett has been sitting in protest for the National Anthem. He and his teammates stood last Thursday and he explained why.

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After Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle Seahawks fans, any football savvy viewer, and even players on the team are left with one question: “Who calls a passing play on the 2nd and goal at the one with the Big Game on the line?”

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Marshawn Lynch stole the show at the Super Bowl XLIX media day by having a very Marshawn Lynch encounter with the media.

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“So y’all gonna try again? That’s what we gonna do?”


Russell Wilson, quarterback for the defending NFL champions Seattle Seahawks, is off to a rocky start in 2014 with the squad after a 3-3 record. After the recent trading of wide receiver Percy Harvin, reports have come forth that Wilson’s teammates say that the pigskin slinger isn’t Black enough.

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Today, April 23, it was revealed by the Seattle Seahawks that reigning Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson was divorcing his wife of barely two years. Before you prepare yourself to offer up a heartfelt tweet to the star quarterback, wait for the entire story to unfold before you develop some sympathy.

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Superstar NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and a couple of his football buddies have landed themselves on the wrong end of a sexual assault complaint.

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Now that Super Bowl XLVIII has concluded, the Seattle Seahawks are world champions and the Denver Broncos were on the losing end of a 43-8 trouncing. The tweets and memes are flying in as expected, but none funnier than the ones inspired by a shot of Peyton Manning on a phone early in the game […]

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It doesn’t matter if you’re not a huge football fan or not, as you’re more than likely going to tune in to Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. 


Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman recently shared with the world the hardships he faced in becoming the first legally deaf NFL player.