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Peyton Manning commanded the hosting duties at this year’s ESPYs, performing well in the high-profile role and roasting athletes delightfully in the process. Former teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were caught in the Manning joke crossfire, which as resulted in an amazing set of memes in its wake.

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Peyton Manning is one of most celebrated NFL players of all time, but new allegations have surfaced that the Denver Broncos quarterback may have used performance-enhancing drugs. A new documentary links Manning and other athletes to a doping ring that allegedly supplied drugs such as human growth hormone among other items.

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NFL star Peyton Manning is the proud owner of 21 Papa John’s pizzeria franchises in the Denver, Colorado area. You most likely know this just from turning on the television on any football Sunday.

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It appears that football fans can expect hot 16s from quarterbacking kin Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, who return today in DIRECTV’s  “Fantasy Football Fantasy” ad. 

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The 2014 ESPY Awards successfully contributed a highly entertaining spectacle for fans who tuned into the broadcast but sport fans on social media were putting on a presentation of their own.

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Now that Super Bowl XLVIII has concluded, the Seattle Seahawks are world champions and the Denver Broncos were on the losing end of a 43-8 trouncing. The tweets and memes are flying in as expected, but none funnier than the ones inspired by a shot of Peyton Manning on a phone early in the game […]

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It doesn’t matter if you’re not a huge football fan or not, as you’re more than likely going to tune in to Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. 


One of the most prolific quarterback’s to ever play the game will be released by the only professional team he’s ever played for. Sources close to the Indianapolis Colts told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that the team will release Peyton Manning. The announcement will come at a press conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

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Flavor Flav was in the building last night as the New York Giants defeated The New England Patriots 21-17 in the Super Bowl. Public Enemy’s hypeman was on deck and even made it onto the field as he hugged and congratulated Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Now that’s Cold Lampin’ right there.