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Cam'Ron x Kith

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Killa Cam is back!

No, not in the traditional Hip-Hop way in which you’d expect him to drop off a new album or mixtape, but in Kith’s new campaign for their Spring 2024 collection and truth be told, they couldn’t have chosen a better spokesperson for it. In the new spot for the collection, we find Cam’ron riding the subway before a gritty beat drops (produced by Swiss Beatz) and Cam goes into his bag to drop those clever OG bars that he’s been known to do.

“It’s the kid that be duckin’ all the award shows / for the Oscars, I might go in my wardrobe / I been lookin,’ a lot of y’all gettin’ foreclosed / Me, I got a crib that’s just-for-clothes / That room is sneakers, well that one is just some Pelle’s / The bathroom is all watch, the kitchen is just chinchillas / I mean, I could go on about the condos and the villas and the girls and the cars or how I grew up with the killas…”

Cam still got it man.

As for Kith’s Spring 2024 collection, that is set to drop on Friday (Feb. 9) and will feature some spiffy jackets and hoodies that will no doubt make you standout come Easter when we’re all known to breakout our flyest outfits. At least that what we used to do back in the day.

Check out Kith and Killa’s “Last Stop” video below and let us know your thoughts on the track and on the collection in the comments section below.