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Anything is fair game when you’re in Katt Williams’ world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, a fired Target employee, or an alleged assistant looking for way more than she deserves in that lawsuit— anybody can get it.

Just ask Faizon Love.

To be clear, Williams has always been crazy, but back in the day it was kinda funny. A public breakdown is an unofficial prerequisite to becoming a true sensei of comedy. Our favorite funny men (and women?) earned their stripes because once they went crazy, their work seemed to get better.

That’s not the case here.

Instead of being sober enough to make fun of himself, the few times that Williams has attempted to take the stage, he’s mostly just gotten upset with anyone who breathes near him, and engages in nightly fights with his shadow when no one’s looking.

A video clip from his set in Oakland, Calif. showed the Ohio native unraveling as his fans sat in confusion and anger, triggering a typical crackhead exchange of screaming, and baseless threats (we’re not saying he’s a crackhead, but we heard that’s how they act).

Too see this man—a father of seven no less—in this state is terrible, but just in case you haven’t been keeping count of some of his greatest hits as of late, we put together a timeline.


Peep it.


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