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While the future of his political career is not yet known, Mitt Romney has picked up a side gig in the meantime. Romney has rejoined the board of directors for Marriott International Inc.

The former presidential hopeful has been on the board two times. He first joined from 1993-2002, but stepped down to run for governor of Massachusetts. His second bid with the hotel chain was from 2009-2011, at which point he stepped down to launch his campaign for president.

Being on the board isn’t the only tie that Romney has to the company based in Bethesda, Md., Romney—whose full name Willard Mitt Romney—was named after hotel founder John Willard Marriott (aka J.W. Marriott), who was a close friend of his father, George W. Romney.

Marriott also sank $2 million into his campaign.

Aside from being virtually quiet since losing the election, the 65-year-old father of five has enjoyed family time, taking a trip to Disneyland in November. He also had lunch with President Obama, and met with former running mate Paul Ryan, last week.

Unfortunately, time away from the spotlight hasn’t curbed Romney’s negative accolades. GQ magazine named him one of its “least influential” people of 2012.