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Protests in Egypt over opposition to President Mohammed Morsi’s regime has taken the lives of five, as the country’s leader called for dialogue to end the unrest.

By Friday (Dec. 7), both opponents and supporters took to the streets heading for Morsi’s compound.

Morsi said in a taped address yesterday, that plans for a referendum on the constitution are still on scheduled for Dec. 15, but called for a dialogue to bring about peace. “I call for a full, productive dialogue with all figures and heads of parties, revolutionary youth and senior legal figures to meet this Saturday,”  he said.

The battle erupted mid-week, outside of the president’s palace, marking the first time opposing sides have fought each other since last year’s uprising, which overthrew Hosni Mubarak.

According to the Health Ministry, 446 people have been injured in the battle.

Mobs of people littered the president’s compound with firebombs, rocks and sticks, while members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood swarmed the area where 300 people were staging a sit-in. The MMB offices were also set on fire.

Police used tear gas on rioters, which did nothing to end the protests.

The unrest has also caused Egypt’s economy to take a hit. The Egypt pound hit an eight-year low as of this week, and the stock market dropped 4.6 percent.


Photos: AP/Reuters

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