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Katt Williams may have already ended his short retirement, but just from comedy, not the legal shenanigans he constantly finds himself. The troubled comedian was stopped by Yolo County (seriously) officials in Dunnigan, CA, a town just outside of Sacramento, and arrested last night (December 7th) for an outstanding warrant.

According to KRCA, Williams was hauled in after a traffic stop at a gas station. When the cops ran his info, the warrant for reckless driving that the Sacramento DA issued on Tuesday, December 4th for taking police on a chase popped up. As you may recall, Williams was driving a 3-wheel motorcycle and had refused to pull over back in late November.

Also, the Yolo County DA charged Williams with assault earlier this week for pimp slapping a Target employee. That incident was also caught on video and said employee has been terminated by Target. And let’s not forget to mention that Williams is also facing two counts of 4th degree misdemeanor assault stemming from a bar fight in Seattle where he threatened a female bar manager and hurled a lit cigarette at a woman and threw a rock at her car.

Katt Williams’ “yolo” like behavior is only going to lead to jail time. It’s not funny anymore; he needs an intervention.