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Jamie Foxx hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend wasn’t full of rave reviews. Some viewers thought the sketches were extremely racist and stereotypical.

In his opening monologue, the Oscar winner asked and answered the rhetorical question “How Black is that?” From Jay-Z’s small stake in, but big influence over, the Nets, to President Obama, and mention  of Foxx’s forthcoming Django Unchained flick, he covered it all. “I got a new movie coming out, Django, check it out…Django Unchained, I play a slave. How Black is that? In the movie, I have to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it, because I get out [of] the chains, I save my wife, and I kill all the White people in the movie. How great is that? And how Black is that?”

There was also a B-tch What’s The Answer? skit helmed by Foxx who played a game show host repeatedly cutting off the contestants (one of which was a woman), by yelling out “B-tch what’s the answer?”

Viewers also took issue with a skit where two White cast members mimicked Japanese people, which also featured Foxx at the end, as well as the Texas native playing a Hostess Ding-D0ng-turned-rapper.

Another sour spot was a digital short starring Kenan Thompson who played a pimp, selling Christmas trees.

Before long the comments started to roll in: “This @SNL skit is probably racist,”  tweeted one viewer.

The show as a whole got people pretty upset, but Foxx’s comment about killing all the White people in his new film caught some flack. “Just learned tonight that Jamie Foxx is a racist P.O.S. so I decided not to watch any more of his movies. #SNL,” wrote another person, while someone else pegged the entire show as being terrible on all levels.“Wasn’t Saturday’s SNL the worst, most unfunny, most racist and sexist episode EVER? Made me almost feel dirty just to watch.”

But not everybody was upset about the show. One person (sarcastically?) noted that the episode wasn’t politically correct, which is exactly what he expected. “SNL X BLACK HOST = EXTRA RACIST BAD SKITS #myfave

SNL has a reputation for offending and amusing, but just in case you want to decide for yourself, see Foxx’s monologue below, plus click through some shots of some of the skits, and a few angry tweets.


Photos: NBC

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