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If you haven’t heard by now, Manny Pacquiao got his a** handed to him at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday (Dec.  8). The bout between the 33-year-old and opponent Juan Manuel Marquez  came to an abrupt end when Pacquiao was knocked out in round sixth.

Hitting him with a vicious right hand that turned the lights out on the Filipino boxing star, Marquez emerged not only as the winner of the match, but of all the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts to follow.

Leading up to the match, Pac and his team were more than confident that things would go in his favor. “I believe this fight is gong to be the answer of all the doubts that in his mind,” he told “Marquez is claiming that he never accepted that he never lost the fight, the last three fights that we had, so I need to give an answer.”

Of course we all know how things really turned out.

Now that he’s been publicly humiliated in front of millions (and Mitt Romney, which is doubly embarrassing), we’re here to ease the pain by way of a bunch of funny flicks of Pacquiao’s horizontal defeat.

Peep ’em below.

Photos: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

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