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Nintendo fans will reportedly have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch 2.

The video game streets were talking after word got out that Nintendo showed a bunch of lucky game developers at Gamescom last year the Nintendo Switch 2, fueling the fire that the follow-up to the Nintendo Switch is coming in 2024.

Welp, unfortunately, according to sources close to the matter speaking with VGC, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be dropping in Q1 2025.

A Brazilian journalist also said the same in a video, plus “similar whispers” from sources speaking with Eurogamer also claim the Nintendo Switch 2 is coming in 2025.

If the reports are accurate, the next Switch console could launch around the same time as its predecessor did in March 2017.

Two sources confirmed to VGC that they were developing two titles for the Nintendo Switch 2: Switch Pro or whatever name it will go by when Nintendo finally unveils it.

The Verge reports the later date could allow developers to get launch titles like Metroid Prime 4 ready. That game was first announced in 2017, and its development was restarted in 2019.

It’s been five years since we heard anything about Metroid Prime 4, but according to Polygon, Nintendo could have decided to hold the game for the console’s launch.

In Other Nintendo News

This latest news comes after reports indicated that the new Switch will not have an OLED screen, which is honestly a bummer, but understandable to keep the price down, and it will still use physical cartridges.

In other Nintendo news, a Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase is going down on Wednesday, Feb 21, focusing on games coming to the Nintendo Switch from the company’s publishing and development partners.

We will report on any big news that comes from it.