Nintendo Switch

2021 was a solid year for gaming. 2022 could possibly go down as one of the biggest years ever, thanks to these video games dropping.

Nintendo didn't drop a next-gen console, but it's still dominating lists topping Xbox and Sony.


Altogether 92.87 million units have been sold to date. Sounds like a good amount of sales, but had the pandemic not slowed things down, Nintendo could've eclipsed 100 million units moved by now with the system's growing popularity and the scarcity of both the Playstation 5 and new Xbox systems.

Microsoft and Sony showed gamers what they could look forward to playing on their Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles. Now it’s Nintendo’s turn to show us what is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED model.

This latest report is the closest thing to confirming a new Nintendo Switch model we have gotten yet.

Nintendo Switch loyalists are currently on social media optimistically enthusiastic.

It's no secret, playing video games does affect your moods. But just how much? An Oxford University study has shared some interesting findings.