Sir Michael Rocks burst onto the scene with The Cool Kids, part of a wave of young acts looking to capitalize on the fast-moving channels of the Internets. While the lanes were less crowded when he began his career, the Chicago-based Rocks doesn’t feel like he’s had much of a struggle in being heard despite the rising numbers of folks competing for the same ear drums he hopes to attract.

“I don’t think it’s much of a struggle in getting heard these days, it’s just a matter of coming out at the right time,” said a laid-back Rocks. “You just have to be heard when it’s time, it’s all about timing.”

Speaking of time, Rocks hasn’t wasted much of it, working releasing five free mixtape projects in the last two years along with The Cool Kids Debut in late 2011 as well. The latest project, Lap Of Lux 1.5, dropped just two weeks ago. Rocks says he intends to have a similar release schedule for next year as well.

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