Although fans of The Cool Kids were no doubt saddened by the news of the “break up” as reported by AllHipHop, Sir Michael Rocks wanted to clear the air about the news and let everyone know that he and Chuck Inglish are still tight as ever. With Inglish raising his profile as both an A-list producer and rapper and Micheal’s solo grind, the pair have decided to build brands separate of one another but still as a unified front.

“I just want to set the story straight, it’s not that we’re not going to do music together anymore, we’re just not going to be doing it as The Cool Kids,” explained Rocks. “We’re still very much involved on the music side and on a bunch of different levels. We’re just giving new looks to something we’ve been doing already.”

Rocks gets even deeper, adding, “We don’t want to come back and people expecting us like we were in 2007, and try to put out another Cool Kids album in the same way we did before. It’s just a new look. Maybe I’m producing all the records and Chuck is rapping, or maybe I’m not rappping or we get an outside producer. We may add a female singer, the list goes on. It won’t be under the name Cool Kids. We’re young, but we’ve grown out of being called kids. We’ve got smart fans, we don’t want to do them a disservice by giving them old stuff.”

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