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Combat Jack, Dallas Penn and compnay return with the continuation of last week’s conversation with Hot 97 programming director Ebro Darden. Oldman Ebro plays the background this time, allowing Joe Budden to sit on the hot seat.

The Slaughterhouse MC is noticeably less erratic than he’s been in the past. His candor remains intact, despite his new outlook. Budden speaks candidly about women in his life, how his addictive personality led him to drugs, why nothing bothers him, who takes his s-x pics, and more.

The New Jersey rapper credits his addictive personality in part for the pitfalls in his career. “My two demons are real simple, drugs and depression. They go hand and hand with one another,” says Budden. “It’s genetics. My mom has done drugs. My father has done drugs. My whole father’s side of the family is probably still on drugs. My whole family is nuts.”

With tragedy comes triumph in Joe Budden’s case, because his mother and father also happen to be his support system. “I thank God that my family is large. My family is supportive. My mom has 25 years clean today. My father has 21 years clean today. I mean like, my family has been there. They were the people that, like, kind of prayed me through it all.”

Co-host Just Blaze and Budden also share some anecdotes about the making of the MC’s breakout his “Pump It Up.”

Hear that and more in the full stream of The Combat Jack Show below.

Photo: The Combat Jack Show