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Last week, we were saddened to learn that Wendy Williams was diagnosed with dementia and aphasia. Now, her son is revealing the reason that his famous mother allegedly ended up with the tragic conditions.

Page Six is reporting that Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., took part in Lifetime’s Where Is Wendy Williams? show and revealed that his mother’s condition was due to her alcoholism, which he felt took its toll on her “headspace and her brain.” While many people drink alcohol to have a good time and unwind, some develop a dependency and become alcoholics that abuse the substance to the point of no return. Unfortunately, it seems like that’s the road that Wendy Williams went down with devastating consequences.

Per Page Six:

“[Doctors] basically said that because she was drinking so much, it was starting to affect her headspace and her brain. So, I think they said it was alcohol-induced dementia.”

Williams, 59, first learned of her brain damage in 2019 when she had entered a Florida rehab facility, but she didn’t receive the official dementia and aphasia diagnosis until 2023.

The former shock jock’s niece Alex Finnie said she learned of her aunt’s diagnosis in 2022 but had a suspicion she was unwell when she began forgetting memories and facts.

“But after seeing my aunt and really spending time with her in a state where she’s in right now, I quickly realized that things were just not normal,” she said in the doc.

“It’s heartbreaking.”

On the other hand, Wendy Williams’ former attorney, LaShawn Thomas, blames Williams’ court-ordered guardianship for her deteriorating health and isn’t sold on her diagnosis. Posting a video on Instagram showing a healthier Wendy Williams, Thomas questioned how she went from being okay to broken down. “These Wendys are not the same,” Thomas said. “How did her health deteriorate so quickly, and why isn’t her only child allowed to be by her side. She wasn’t like that when he cared for her. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS!”

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