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Meek Mill and Cassidy have been going back and forth with each other for the past few days, setting up what can possibly be the most entertaining rap battle in quite some time. 

After Cassidy dropped his diss record to Meek Mill called “Me, Myself and IPhone,” Meek had responded with a new record last night called “Repo.” Meek tauntingly tweeted “The funeral starts at 9:30 PM tonight, final viewing tonight,” before he debuted the record on

Meek then took to Instagram to release some photoshopped pictures of Cassidy in embarrassing predicaments including trying to pry a boot off a Bentley and inside of a casket with Rick Ross and Meek looking on.

Meek also made a mockup flyer with Cassidy’s face on it with the phrase “Barry Reese, aka Mr. Stroke Em Condom Style: Funeral Service. Pallbearer: Dreamchasers Records.”

Cassidy finally responded saying “Where’s the funeral? He expected to kill me with that 5 [minute] bulls**t song? Not one quotable bar.  They need to repo his rap book.” Check out all of the photos and tweets from Instagram and Twitter respectively after the jump.

Photo: Instagram

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