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We here at Hip-Hop Wired have nothing against a healthy helping of ratchet reality TV, but Shawty Lo must be stopped. His reality show, All My Babies’ Mamas, fitted with all 10 of the women with whom he’s reproduced, and their offspring, is the epitome of foolery.

On a scale of  T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Shawty’s treacherous new show falls somewhere between Flavor of Love and Basketball Wives.

Judging by the clip posted online, there’s a good chance that the embarrassment will surpass that of Joseline Hernandez’  over-exposed fake cakes, and Stevie J’s struggle faces, with ease. But there’s a fine line between entertainment and exploitation, and being that there are children involved, it changes what is acceptable.

That said, there are lots of rappers out there who could use a little screen time. Peep 11 that we’d like to see get shows (aside from Nelly, of course).

Photo: G-Unit

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