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We’ve finally reached the end of 2012 and there have been quite a few excellent Hip-Hop/Rap albums released throughout the past 365 days that both the listening audience and music journalists might have possibly missed. Given that multiple indie Rap albums drop every Tuesday and it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything that dropped in this era of Bandcamp and iTunes releases, there are several projects that drop each year the fans tend to miss.


Luckily for you Hip-Hop Wired readers, the editors of this site don’t need to assemble a brain trust or ask multiple writers for their picks, all they need to do is hit me up and I have them covered. [Editor’s Note: Be sure to check Dart Adams on the tweets or at Bastard Swordsman.]

In conclusion, you need not worry because I’ve listed, in no particular order, 25 under-appreciated gems from the past 52 weeks that may have gone overlooked by most Hip-Hop fans and Hip-Hop journalists alike. Don’t sleep…

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