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The internet is a beautiful thing. It is a never ending hub of education and information that links people from all walks of life, globally like no invention before. That has nothing to do with this.

Whether you partake in recreational drug use or not, Trinidad James has made it cool to pretend you are for about five seconds a day. His epic one liner “popped a molly, I’m sweatin” has already made it into the Hip-Hop vernacular.

So much so, that the lyric was a hit on tumblr and the internet way before the record even hit it big on the radio and in some cases, the night club.

From LeBron James to Barack Obama (kidding) everybody has been perspiring heavily since inducing the pill or powder formed drug. In today’s day and age all you need is one quotable lyric for the geniuses of the internet to take off with it and make it famous.

Check out the funniest memes generated from the “All Gold Everything” one liner after the jump.

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