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Only the legend known as Tiger Woods can revive an ailing market while his own personal worth is plummeting faster than a union worker into the Atlantic while wearing cement shoes.

In spite of his many infidelities and what is likely to go down in history as one of the most public and humiliating falls from grace that has ever occurred in the story of this nation known as the United States, Woods can rest well knowing that he still has the support of his fans.

As toy sales plummet, retailers are shocked to find that one of the trendiest and must have items for this Christmas is none other than a miniature figurine of sports first billionaire.

“In the beginning, it was really slow, “said John Orozco, a toy distributor that purchased 44,000 figurines during Thanksgiving. “They were just trickling out of here.”

For between ten to twenty dollars, any can own a pint sized version of America’s favorite philanderer, produced by legendary sports memorabilia maker, Upper Deck.

I wonder if Elin Nordegren-Woods is going to buy a couple for her independence party? It could make a nice Christmas gift for the kids.

I’m just saying. . .