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Gilberto Valle wants to build his defense for allegedly trying to kill and eat his girlfriend and other women, by looking towards other cannibals for inspiration.

Lawyers for the New York Police Department officer have requested to see the names of the 20 cannibals of which Valle has been compared.

According to court papers, the feds have “hundreds of thousands of e-mails and instant-message communications in which Mr. Valle and others talked about their violent s-xual fantasies.”  Valle is said to have corresponded with over 20 other psychopathic human-eaters likely for ideas.

“Three weeks before trail, the defense needs to firmly known the identity of Mr. Valle alleged co-conspirators so that it can conduct its pre-trail investigation,” wrote public defender Julia Gatto. In leui of mounting evidence against him, Gatto beleives that Valle is caught up in a “Indeed, effective trial preparation could uncover fact critical to Mr. Valle’s defense in that the individuals with whom Mr. Valle was chatting will corroborate that they were engaging in fantasy role play with no intention of acting on their fantasies.”

Kathleen Mangan, the 28-year-old estranged wife of Valle tipped police off after finding emails about his plans. Valle had plans to kill, cook and eat, 100 other women.

He lured his victims online, and gave grizzly details writing “[my oven] is big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs.”

Valle pleaded not guilty to cannibal charges.

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