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Chief Keef just caught a break. A judge ruled earlier today that the teenager was not in violation of his probation for moving, and will not be taken into custody.

Juvenile Court Judge Carl Anthony Walker denied prosecutors’ request that Keef be arrested for failing to inform his probation officer of his move to Northbrook, which is about 30 minutes from Chicago.

In addition to not informing authorities of his move, prosecutors accused him of falling totally off the radar since the release of his Finally Rich debut.

Keef showed up in court today, alongside his two managers and couldn’t understand why he’s being sought after asking, “Why they got a problem with my address?”

After hearing testimony from Keef’s probation officer, the judge concluded that prosecutors didn’t present “any credible evidence,” to defend their claims.

Keef was living with his grandmother before the move, which was made to be closer to his manager, who has a recording studio in his home. Following failed attempts to contact the youngster, two officers went to his grandmother’s home, and found out that he had changed locations.

Although this latest legal victory is a small step for Keef —born Keith Cozart, he’s still not out of the woods. Authorities are still after him for potentially violating his probation during an interview with Pitchfork Media which was conducted at a gun range. His tweets were also under investigation after he posted a joke about the death of rival rapper, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman over the summer.


Photo: Chicago Tribune