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With 2012 tucked to bed, we at Hip-Hop Wired are already looking at who is poised to takeover in 2013. 

Whether its a new cat, a veteran, or a rapper with something to prove; this weeks Wired 25 is focused on the 25 artists that you have to watch in the coming year. We looked into our HHW crystal ball and tell you who is most likely to have us all by the eyes and ears in the next year.

“Most likely” is the operative word here. So sorry Jay Electronica and Andre 3000, we don’t believe you and yes, you need more people. There was also a ton of new cats who caught the attention of the Hip-Hop community that show that they refuse to be a flash in the pan. There are also a couple of artists whose bark have been way more impressive than their bite (yes, we are looking at you Azealia Banks).

After the jump, check out HHW’s 25 picks on artists to watch in the next year. Hit the jump to check them all out.

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